12 Powerful Herbal Treatments For Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is common among men and those suffering form it look out for natural ways to overcome this problem. There are many ways to deal with this problem and one way is to use herbal treatment for premature ejaculation. These natural herbal remedies have been used since long to improve this condition naturally. The herbal pills are made of natural herbs and natural ingredients that not only help to cure premature ejaculation but also help to boost energy and enhance the stamina of the body.

PE may be embarrassing for the man as he ends up ejaculating too early leaving the partner unsatisfied. It can be a frustrating situation for both involved. Herbal treatment for PE includes the combination of the herbal extracts in the right quantity and manner. Some of these herbs are natural aphrodisiacs that enhance the flow to blood to the male organ. The ejaculatory reflex is more complex than the superficial nerve endings. Herbal treatments focus on this aspect. Below are some of the herbal treatments for premature ejaculation:

1. Tribulus terristris: This is a known herbal aphrodisiac and has been used since long to treat various problems. It aids in the condition of PE and also improves the endurance and vitality of the man.

2. Cloves: Drinking a cup of tea with clove everyday is beneficial. This herb is effective in reducing nervous tension and calming the nerves. It also improves the circulation and aids in controlling PE.

3. Withania somnifera: This is also known as Indian Ginseng and it provides horse’s strength without side effects. It helps in relieving stress and enhances the stamina and energy.

4. Anacyclus pyrethrum: This is used in herbal treatment for premature ejaculation as it is very beneficial in curing this condition.

5. Centaurea: This herb is also known to cure premature ejaculation and promote stamina.

6. Hygrophila: Hygrophila is a natural herb used since long as a natural herbal treatment for premature ejaculation.

7. Nutmeg: This is also known as Myristica fragrans and is commonly used in cooking. It also has properties for promoting stamina and energy and for curing this condition.

8. Ginkgo biloba: This contains flavonoids which improves the blood circulation in the brain and the body’s vascular network. It aids in relaxation and allows blood to flow to the genital area.

9. Orchis mascula: It is a nutritious herb and increases energy and stamina.

10. Mucuna pruriens: This is used in herbal treatment for premature ejaculation since it contains dopamine producing properties. It is a natural aphrodisiac and aids in increasing the libido. It also acts as an antidepressant.

11. Asteracantha longifolia: This herb is known to increase the stamina, energy and vitality.

12. NF Cure capsules: Last but most important herbal treatment for premature ejaculation is NF Cure capsules.

These various herbs used in herbal treatment for premature ejaculation are effective since they help in controlling the timing of the ejaculation and also aid in the boost of overall health. However they should be used with care and under guidance in the right quantity to achieve the desired results.

Premature Ejaculation And Penis Hypersensitivity

Because the penis is so frequently subjected to rough handling, it is more common for men of all ages to complain about reduced sensitivity. An over-sensitive penis, on the other hand, can be just as much of a problem when it comes to enjoying sex. Men who have a hypersensitive penis frequently report penis problems such as premature ejaculation or pain at the head of the penis during sex or manual stimulation.

What causes penis hypersensitivity?
Men who have an oversensitive penis often report that it is uncomfortable or even painful to touch the head, and in some cases, they find intercourse to be impossible. There are a number of factors that may be linked to an oversensitive penis, including the following:

• Phimosis – Inability to retract the foreskin, a condition known as phimosis, has been linked to hypersensitivity of the glans. This may be due to the lack of direct contact with “the outside world,” so to speak, and it may be addressed by gently withdrawing the foreskin until it retracts properly. Nourishing the penis skin with a vitamin formula containing natural emollients may help to ease this process and accustom the nerve tissue to tactile stimulation.

• Urinary tract infection – A UTI can increase the sensitivity of the penis, especially around the urethral opening. Men who experience a sudden onset of hypersensitivity, along with a burning sensation on urination, should consider being tested for a urinary infection.

• Trauma to the glans – An injury to the glans of the penis can cause oversensitivity and pain; if the head of the penis is injured, medical attention may be necessary.

• Fractured penis – Men who experience penis fractures may find intercourse to be extremely painful. Fractures tend to occur during especially vigorous sex and should be handled as a medical emergency, as they can result in permanent damage. A loud, popping sound accompanied by sudden pain during intercourse may indicate a penile fracture and should be treated immediately.

• Prostate problems – An enlarged or inflamed prostate gland may result in oversensitivity in the base of the penis or in the perineal area.

• Infections – Balanitis, an inflammatory condition that affects the head of the penis, may result in hypersensitivity or pain. A sore penis that is accompanied by redness, swelling, rash, a cracked and dry appearance, and/or a whitish discharge may be infected and should be treated by a health care professional.

What are the effects of an oversensitive penis?
Depending on the cause of the hypersensitivity, there are a number of effects to watch out for. As previously mentioned, an oversensitive penis may be painful to the touch, to the point where intercourse or manual stroking is out of the question. In less extreme cases, men have often reported premature ejaculation due to oversensitivity, although in medical research, this effect has not been clearly linked to a sensitivity issue. For men with an inflamed or enlarged prostate, oversensitivity or pain may occur following ejaculation. Furthermore, men with ongoing hypersensitivity may experience anxiety, depression and loss of erectile function.

Conditioning the skin of the penis
Healthy penis skin starts with proper skin care. Washing carefully and making sure the area is dry before putting on clothing can help to prevent numerous penis problems such as fungal overgrowth and inflammation of the foreskin. Treating the penile tissue with the natural emollients found in a high quality penis vitamin cream (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may help to calm irritated skin and leave it smooth, supple and resilient. In addition, the practice of applying a topical cream to the penis may help to condition it to tactile sensation and restore normal sensitivity.

Herbal Health Supplements For Athletes

Herbal health supplements have numerous benefits especially to an athlete who needs more energy than a common person. Today, we want to be more energetic and we want to do more our daily life. Athletes require more energy. They want to run faster, jump higher, throw longer, play better and win their sporting event.

It is a well proven fact that the steroids involve the risk of health dangers. Athletes were looking for supplements that are safe and are effective in enhancing endurance. Herbal supplements suffice the requirement as they are safe and have very few or no side effects. They reduce the risks manifold that the manufactured steroids and drugs generate. Herbal supplements are an excellent source of energy and strength for an athlete. For example, Ginko Biloba is an herb which can increase an individual’s mental power, it helps in increasing energy levels too. The herb is a safe nutrition supplement for athletes when taken under strict medical supervision.

Common herbs like turmeric and ginger help athletes by boosting their energy levels. Though they are not regarded as energy producing herbs but they help in easy and better digestion of good. As better digestion means more release of energy, these herbs help trigger the release of energy and increase overall energy levels in an athlete. An herb named Gotu Kola was used by Indian Americans as an energy giving tonic. It is believed that this herb facilitates clear thinking in the brain. It also boosts the flow of blood through blood vessels. Another herb named Siberian Ginseng is an herbal supplement for athletes. Athletes from Russia as well as all over the world used to take Ginseng regularly to increase their stamina and reduce their stress. Licorice, is an herb that increases energy levels in an athlete. It arouses the adrenal secretions and reduces the symptoms of allergies.

The best herbal supplements for everyone, including athletes, are manufactured from standardized herbal extracts. This means that they are the finest ingredients available. Look for the herbs that you are interested in at local health food stores. Here are some worth mentioning:
Eleuthero: Helps in increasing oxygenation of body cells. It boosts the enduring power.
Fo-ti- : It provides strength and improves cardiovascular system.
Codonopsis : It is a mild substitute of Ginseng. It strengthens muscles while reducing weakness and stress. It also enhances digestive power and thereby increasing energy levels.
Nettles : They are highly nutritious and are a good source of protein. They counteract fatigue and help in building blood cells.
Dandelion root : This herb helps in improving liver functions. It helps sportspersons to pull through quickly after exercise.
Dipsacus : This herb is known to stimulate metabolism while developing ligaments and bones too. In China, this herb is used for discomfort in lower back and knees.
Cayenne : This natural herb removes toxin in blood. It stimulates entire body.

Herbal supplements for athletes are unique in their own way and are finding their use in all the sporting events in modern times.